Selfie_Minoltacord-1006x1024About me in general

Hello there.
I am Ben, a 30 something hobby photographer living in Tokyo with my wife Yuka, little boy Lóránt and our dog Momo-chan. I am originally a son of Hungary, a small country in Central Eastern Europe. I’ve lived around the world, left for the US at 20 where I graduated in 2005, moved to Japan for a short time where I met and married my wife. We then moved to Hungary for 3 years, after which we went off to Dubai where we stayed from 2008-2011. Since then we have been living in Tokyo and loving it to bits.

Celifornia is an odd name indeed which I am sure by now is on your mind, so let me talk about it a little. I’ve bought this domain back in 2001 while living in California and I used it as a platform to keep in touch with friends and family. At the time (age21) I thought the name was really funny… please don’t be judgmental! Since then the site has gone through some changes as I’ve picked up interests of different sorts. It has been a forum connecting Japanese and Hungarian people who were interested in each other’s cultures; it was then a blog that detailed my travels around the world and finally it now serves as a platform for me to share my Analogue photographs with the world, which is how you found me.

Analogue photography is something I took on recently and am really enjoying, thus I wanted to have a simple site I can post my work on.

The story goes back to December 2013, (quite recently actually) when I had to think something up for my father as a Christmas present. I ended up getting him an old TLR (twin lens reflex) camera from an auction site that actually came bundled with another one as part of the package. I took both cameras back home, dad showed me how to develop film and it all took off from there.

I am mainly shooting Black and White film with 3 different cameras. I have the Minoltacord TLR that is my main camera (medium format), a Minolta SRT-102 that’s my SLR weapon of choice and a great little Konica IIIa rangefinder which I carry with me everywhere.

For now this is it, I’ll keep expanding the site and will try to write up tutorials and share more about the gear and processes I use. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment.


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