Feb 28


Happy Ben reports the purchase of a MacBook Air as of yesterday 11PM CET :). I must say I am really excited, I was almost unable to fall asleep from thoughts in my head. Yes, before you say it, this is a definate sign of geekyness, and I am most definitely a geek.

Read on for details of the purchase, and proof :)

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Feb 28

Election day in Hungary – Hospital visit fees and Tuition fees – March 9 2008

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We are getting close to a public election in Hungary, which is about Hospital and Tuition fees. The current government introduced these so far unheard and unexperienced fees to the Hungarian nations, and this created a controversial situation here. I am not going to note my political views, nor will I share which way I am going to vote, I just want to introdce the topic and the system, as far as I know it.

This is the Notation for my voting place and time I got in the mail yesterday, I thought I would post it up. (Sorry for the crappy scan) For the rest of the story, read on below.

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Feb 27

MacBook sold – ready for the Air

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I sold my MacBook yesterday.

Was I not satisfied? I couldn’t say that. Did I not like the features? I loved them. Did I not like the Design? Jeez, who doesn’t like Apple’s design?

So the obvious questions comes to mind. Why on earth did you (I) sell the Macbook?

Well, to buy the even cooler, more superb, outstandingly stylish MacBook Air. Granted, its a controversial product when it comes to its price/feature ratio, but like I explained earlier:

I am seriously thinking about getting the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air just fits the bill for me, and with the sale of the MacBook, I am one step closer to buying it. I have the money saved up already, and I am now only debating where to get it from. Hungary, and the EU in general is out of the question. US would be best, Canada/Hong Kong are on the 2nd place pricewise, and Japan, which is realistic in my case comes in at 3rd place in the price game. Its somewhere between the US / EU price, but still a bit closer to the US price.

As for memories, this is/was my belowed MacBook:


Feb 25

iPhone protection baggie – on the way from AU

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So, the little sock baggie I got for my iPhone back in Hong Kong has started to wear out, but again, I am using it daily for 6 months now, which means it goes in and out of my pocket about 20-30 times a day, you can imagine. I would say this was probably one of my best spent $2 USD in my life, as it has protected my precious iPhone for a half a year. However, it was time for a change, and since I am on the market for the MacBook Air, I started looking for cases too, and I stumbled upon a very interesting site selling different hand-made bags for Apple products. They don’t have the MacBook Air’s case just yet, but they have outstanding sock baggies for the iPhone, and I couldn’t resist. I got one for myself, and it wasn’t even expensive. Its made of Japanese cotton, which I must tell you was 80% where my attraction to the product came from, but also the fact that its hand made from Organic materials made me feel quite good.

The pattern I got is very Japanese, and as with most Japanese things, it has no sex. Its red, but men use red and other warm colours often in Japan, and my wife convinced me it isn’t too “girlish”, so I got it. Have a look below, I cannot wait to receive it. I will post a review once it comes in.

On a sidenote, I paid 3500 HUF for it, which is just about $20 USD including shipping, it was a great bargain I guess. It comes from Australia, which is probably the farthest place on Earth from Hungary, but hey, whatever it takes to hype my iPhone up…

If you are interested, visit their Website:

The company is called Foof, and they can be reached here:


Feb 18

Valentine’s Day Cake – Did I deserve this?

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So, we are just through Valentine’s Day, and I must stay, I was quite impressed. To begin with, on the day of the 14th, I had some important things to do at work, and I went home later than usual, I left office at 8PM. I almost forgot what day it was, and I will explain later why, but I saw a few men walking with roses, so I quickly got back on track, and went to look for some Chocolates for my wife. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but after all, we are in Hungary, and luxurious items are not yet present in shops. I rushed home, and while going in to our house, I almost hit my wife in the face with the door, as she was standing right in the entrance-way with this in her hands:

Read on….
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Feb 18

Preparation for fatherhood :)

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I was looking through my old pictures from Japan, and I found a couple of great shots I thought of sharing. These were taken on a ferry off the shore of Nagasaki, we were visiting my wife’s grandparents. I was holding my niece, and to be honest I already forgot this occassion, but now that I think back, this was the first time she felt comfortable with me, being with me. Since then, we grew to be friends, and we play a lot whenever I am in Japan. Looking at the picture more, I can imagine myself being the father :), although the child doesn’t quite fit a “usual” Hungarian child’s appearance, however as my wife is Japanese, I guess our children will look kind of like my niece does, as the Asian blood is stronger, and overtakes the weak European blood :)

Anyways, here is the picture, and if you are interested, you find another few if you read on:

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Feb 18

Spring was almost here, but then…..

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…we had this bitterly cold weekend. The sun was still shining during the day, and temperatures went above 5C, but the nights were way below freezing. At home, we have lots of windows, and as the sun was heating up the large surface glasses, we ended up turning down the heat throughout the days, but outside was crazy cold with the strong winds.

This was the weather reported by a weather service on the iPhone saturday morning:

And a picture my dad took on Sunday morning at Lake Balaton.

These are grass and other plants by the lake shore, and as the strong wind blew the water out of the lake, it got frozen all around the vegetation. Quite a shot I must say. For a full size version (still small though), click here.


Feb 16

What a nice looking cup of cappuccino – in Debrecen’s Malompark

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So I was on a business trip to Debrecen, a city in East Hungary. I like going there, it brings back memories, as I was a High School student there for 4 years, with a stay-in dormitory living.

I was in a rush just going and coming delivering some laptops, but as it usually is, I had some urgent phonecalls coming in requiring my attention and assistance. Mostly everything I do requires internet, so on my way out of the city, I stopped at a local shopping center called Malompark, and I found a cafe there. I got on my laptop quickly to fix the issues, and had this cup of cappuccino. I thought it looked quite impressive for a small, not too special cafe. Sorry for the bad quality pic, it was taken with the iPhone, as usual.


Feb 16

Manila Folder type Sleeve for MacBook Air – Purchased

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Before you say it, yes, you are right. I don’t even have the MacBook Air yet, but I already got an accessory for it. What can I say, I am a dumbass. However, it makes time go by quicker while waiting for the MacBook Air, plus this will allow me from day one to protect it properly.

This is what it looks like:

I purchased it from here: cost was $29 for the sleeve and $20 for shipping to Hungary, takes 3 days it says

Click their logo to visit their site:


p.s. Please tell me why this thing is called a “Manila folder” ?

Feb 16

I am seriously thinking about getting the MacBook Air

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Since I first got my hands on the MacBook back in October, I never thought about going back to PC (Windows) again, but still somehow I wasn’t 100% satisfied. The cause of the dissatisfaction was that I needed to keep my 2nd-ary laptop, a Panasonic Let’s Note CF-2, which is my commuting machine. The MacBook is not too big, but hell it is heavy. I would never take this every day with me to work, on a 20 minutes tram ride which is followed by a 10 minutes Metro ride, all while being pushed about by people during morning rush, and then at the end of the day the same goes towards home. I need a light and small machine with me which I don’t feel I am carrying. Anyhow, in my current situation, I am left with minimal Mac OS X usage, and still more Microsoft hassle, as my commuting laptop is Windows based. Plus the fact that I have 2 laptops for no good reason. This brings us to my intention, which you already know from the title, I am considering the new MacBook Air. Now, before you turn away, and call me a fool, please read on for my reasoning, and then comment your thoughts at the end…..

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