Feb 18

Valentine’s Day Cake – Did I deserve this?

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So, we are just through Valentine’s Day, and I must stay, I was quite impressed. To begin with, on the day of the 14th, I had some important things to do at work, and I went home later than usual, I left office at 8PM. I almost forgot what day it was, and I will explain later why, but I saw a few men walking with roses, so I quickly got back on track, and went to look for some Chocolates for my wife. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but after all, we are in Hungary, and luxurious items are not yet present in shops. I rushed home, and while going in to our house, I almost hit my wife in the face with the door, as she was standing right in the entrance-way with this in her hands:

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Feb 18

Preparation for fatherhood :)

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I was looking through my old pictures from Japan, and I found a couple of great shots I thought of sharing. These were taken on a ferry off the shore of Nagasaki, we were visiting my wife’s grandparents. I was holding my niece, and to be honest I already forgot this occassion, but now that I think back, this was the first time she felt comfortable with me, being with me. Since then, we grew to be friends, and we play a lot whenever I am in Japan. Looking at the picture more, I can imagine myself being the father :), although the child doesn’t quite fit a “usual” Hungarian child’s appearance, however as my wife is Japanese, I guess our children will look kind of like my niece does, as the Asian blood is stronger, and overtakes the weak European blood :)

Anyways, here is the picture, and if you are interested, you find another few if you read on:

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Feb 18

Spring was almost here, but then…..

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…we had this bitterly cold weekend. The sun was still shining during the day, and temperatures went above 5C, but the nights were way below freezing. At home, we have lots of windows, and as the sun was heating up the large surface glasses, we ended up turning down the heat throughout the days, but outside was crazy cold with the strong winds.

This was the weather reported by a weather service on the iPhone saturday morning:

And a picture my dad took on Sunday morning at Lake Balaton.

These are grass and other plants by the lake shore, and as the strong wind blew the water out of the lake, it got frozen all around the vegetation. Quite a shot I must say. For a full size version (still small though), click here.