Feb 18

I was looking through my old pictures from Japan, and I found a couple of great shots I thought of sharing. These were taken on a ferry off the shore of Nagasaki, we were visiting my wife’s grandparents. I was holding my niece, and to be honest I already forgot this occassion, but now that I think back, this was the first time she felt comfortable with me, being with me. Since then, we grew to be friends, and we play a lot whenever I am in Japan. Looking at the picture more, I can imagine myself being the father :), although the child doesn’t quite fit a “usual” Hungarian child’s appearance, however as my wife is Japanese, I guess our children will look kind of like my niece does, as the Asian blood is stronger, and overtakes the weak European blood :)

Anyways, here is the picture, and if you are interested, you find another few if you read on:

This picture was taken 2 years later, in Tokyo. As you can see, we are now buddies big time :)

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