Mar 26


NOTE: There is an update below in the text as Firmware 2 changed things a bit

If you own an iPhone, you know this. The built in Camera application takes pictures and names them IMG_xxxx.JPG, where xxxx is an ascending number starting at 0001.

This is to keep images named differently, so even if you put them all in one folder, all has a unique name, and nothing gets overwritten. Now this works great, up unitl you decide to flash your firmware, and upgrade. If you do that, this counter gets reset, and the naming starts again from IMG_0001.JPG, and on.

I am on my 5th firmware, so you can imagine the flustration. I have IMG_0001.JPG 5 times already, and need to rename them one by one to eliminate confusion.

Just recently I was wondering if there was a way to alter the Camera’s naming, and sure enough, I found the answer on a popular iPhone forum. Read on for instrucions if you are interested….
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Mar 26

So the 1.1.4 Firmware was out for a while now, and many have upgraded to it without any real issue, so I decided to take the plunge and do it myself. I was on 1.1.2 prior to this upgrade and since I had no problems with it, I kept delaying the upgrades.

1.1.4 has a few neat features, like rearranging the icons, and locating yourself via cell triangulation on a Google Map, but that’s all there is to it. The main reason for my upgrade was that new software is built for 1.1.4 mainly, and I wanted to be able to try them and use them.

The upgrade went fine thanks to the fine folks at the iPhone Dev team, Aviegas and Geohotz who all contributed to this solution. I used iPlus 2.0b which takes the freshly restored iPhone on 1.1.4 firmware, jailbreaks it, unlocks it, and does it all with no harm to the iPhone itself. The process is completely reversible, which make it a friendly solution should a hardware damage occur and I have to take the phone back to Apple.

Here is a screenshot of the About screen on my iPhone, you can see its on the 1.1.4 firmware.

Read on for further details….

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Mar 26

Failed Harddrive destruction – data protection / fun

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In our line of work, often time we deal with broken Hard drives, failed components. The obvious question comes to mind, what to do with a failed Hard disk? Should we just toss them into a recycle bin, and have the cleaners take them? Well, that might not be a very good idea after all, provided the technology that’s out there to recover data basically from any hard disk in any state.

What I chose to do might seem agressive, but gets the job done. I take a flat head screwdriver, slide it between the casing and the shiney cover, and pry it open. If you have the special screw driver for opening them, it must be a nicer process, but I dont have them. Once the lid is off, I just smash the “disk” into pieces, and then spread them to various containers around our building.



Mar 26

Winter Flashback – Short trip to Austria

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I drove my colleague to the airport in Vienna this Tuesday, and had a real winter experience despite that we are already in Spring. It was the 25th of March, flowers trees are in full bloom, and a winter storm hit us.

The weather was already strange for the last week or so, with temperatures close to 0 at nights, and much rain throughout the days. On the way to Vienna, we had seen some clowds, but they were not threatening. A good 20KMs after the boarder crossing, it started snowing, a few flakes here and there. However, in a matter of 10 minutes, just as we arrived to the Airport, the snow started coming down really hard, as you would expect in the mountains on a nice snowy January day. I stayed at the Airport for an hour or so, and the snow was piling up quickly. I felt like I was in some winter wonderland.

And to put the crown on the story, my colleague was travelling to Dubai, to 35C tempratures.

I have some pictures, they are unfortunately not so good as I took them with the iPhone. These were taken at the beginning of the storm, and when I came out of the airport, I just quickly jumped in the car and drove away, as the snow kept on going strong and I wanted to arrive home safe and sound.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real visit to Vienna without eating something Austrian, so we ordered at a local (to the airport I mean) restaurant some Wiener Schnitzels, a typical Austrian Pork or Beef dish with some pretzels. Picture attached below. Enjoy.

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