Jul 26

Dubai summer is at times unbearable hot, and since I need to park my car outside on the street, I wanted to get some protection against the heat and car interior damage.

Most cars in Dubai have tinted windows, which helps the case, and I decided to do some research and go for some quality tint while remaining within the legal boundaries.

In the “Wheels” magazine I found a couple of ads, and the best companies seem to offer heat resistant tinting as opposed to only darkening the windows. Tints range from AED 50 (approx 15 USD) to AED 3500 (approx 1000 USD), which is quite a large window of selection. The top players are LLumar, V-kool, 3M and Solar Gard. They all seem to be efficient in fighting heat, so I decided to get the one that has the best promotion currently. LLumar was offering a full (Side and rear) 30% (Dubai legal limit) tint job with a fully transparent (0% darkened) windshield foil making it an all around foiling for AED 1200 (Approx 300USD). I booked a slot for Saturday 11AM, and drove the car there. We took a taxi and went for shopping and lunch to Wafi Mall, and came back at 1:30PM to find the Infiniti almost ready with the full tint. The guys seemed to be professional, and the tint so far works like a dream. Of course it cannot keep all the heat out, but it helps reducing it by 50%, and the UV and IR rays at 99%. UV rays damage the interior, causing ripped leather seats and faded dashboards. With this, I should be good to go leaving the car outside all day.

Here is a picture of the car at the tint-shop, getting the driver side foil sized and cut out.

For more pictures press the

This is another picture of the Driver side window being prepared

This is the car being at the shop waiting for the tint shop.

A picture taken from inside with the samples applied to the office’s glass for easy selection. I went with the darkest legal tint, 30%, called ATR 35.

And the tint shop from outside

They applied a sticker to the Windows UP-DOWN buttons to remind me that I should not be playing with the windows for 3 days. Addition to that, I need to park the car on the sun for the following days.

Thats it for now, I will post back results on fighting the Dubai heat with the car.


16 Responses to “Window Tinting – LLumar 30% transparent and heat resistant for the Infiniti”

  1. sharokh mohammadi Says:

    please send to me youre phone no.

  2. bence8810 Says:


    You mean you need the number of the tinting company? I do not know their number, but here is their location:

    Its LLumar in Al Quoz industrial area, if you drive from Abu Dhabi towards Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Road, you take the Time Square exit, and you stay on the service road that runs parallel to SZR. You are passing car and furniture showrooms, and after Nissan Showroom and just before the Natuzzi showroom you turn right and right again into the first yard and there you will find the LLumar installation studio.


  3. ky Says:

    I found this on their site..
    Email: info@cpfemirates.com
    Web: http://www.cpfemirates.com
    +971 4 338 93 82

  4. ky Says:

    I found this on their site..+971 4 338 93 82

  5. bence8810 Says:

    You are right on the money, that is the store I went to.

    They did a decent job, its been on for two months now, and works great.



  6. Ashik Says:

    R u still recommend this?

  7. bence8810 Says:

    Its been almost a year now and I had no issues what so ever with the Tint. Keeps the heat out and the interior from fading, which is most important.


  8. evo X Says:

    Is the tint dark? do you have pics of the installed tint?
    ive always thought that llumar 30% is a little lighter compared to other brands.
    do you know what is the next darker one they have?

  9. bence8810 Says:

    Hi there.

    The tint is not dark at all, never draws any attention and I have never been pulled over for it, yet it keeps the heat out. I also only paid 1200AED for it if I can recall as opposed to VKool for 3500 or so.

    You can find plenty of pics on the car here, the tint was applied at a very early stage so all pics should have it.




  10. bence8810 Says:

    Hi Snislally, what do you mean by the Theme and being a pro?



  11. chris Says:

    i too got llumar installed. keeps the heat out for sure but i have problems with the tint getting scratched easily. also got quite a few bubbles even 2months after install. yes i did park outside in the hot sun for 5-6days for it to dry.

  12. bence8810 Says:

    Hi Chris. Sorry, not sure what to say. Mine is pretty good, and no bubbles have appeared other than 1 or 2 at odd places. No scratches either, but I also never tried to scratch it and I never touch the gladd by mistake I guess.

    My tint has been pretty good all so far. However, what you can do is to take it back, I got a 5 year warranty, you should have something similar.

    Good luck,


  13. vaseem Says:

    Hi Ben,

    your info was very useful and i had tint job done for my Honda Jazz at Llumar in Al qous. it surely is value for money in comparison to v-cool, solarguard and 3M.

    thanks & keep up such good work.


  14. Cris Says:


    At last I guess I found the answer I’ve been looking for. If you paid AED1200 for your car, I can somehow estimate how much mine will cost. I got a Ford Explorer and wanting to have a decent tint in it, I’m from KSA btw, and only this past few days I found that there is another company that can block or minimize heat aside from V-Kool (which is so expensive) and Solar Gard. The only difference between the three as I’ve searched in other forums is that Llumar’s films are non-metallic. Meaning it blocks out heat and UV while having good radio & GPS reception. I already made up my choice and I’ll go with Llumar. Thanks for this post. It helps.

    Cris, KSA

  15. bence8810 Says:


    Sorry just sold my car. It’s been on nearly 3 years though, perfect tint. No complaints at all.


  16. naji Says:


    i have purchased new Jeep grand cherokee V8 and i am looking forward to use ur window tinting, so how much will cost me for full tinting with sun reflection of 99% & tinting 30%
    the car color is natural green.
    kindly advice