Aug 07

Dubai is loaded with confortable services which enable one not to get out of the house/office for most of the time. You can pay all your bills online or at gas stations, so you wont lose time at Post offices or in lines. The newest thing (to me at least) is the Traffic fine enquiry online. There is a website you go to:

Dubai Police

and on the top right you click “Traffic Fines Inquiry” and it takes you to a form. Here you enter your License plate number and get the results in an instance. Look at the picture below.

What happens is for instance you speed and a camera catches you. In two days time, the pictures are downloaded from the cameras and the website is updated. When you query the site you see that you have a ticket, you give your Credit Card number, and settle the fine. Also there are no black points for speeding tickets, so its basically a money making way for the Dubai municipalities. The traffic fines are not sent to your address at all, so the only way to know is to check online. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to pay all outstanding fines upon registering your car, which takes place every year.

There are harsher punishments also, like vehicle inpounding for crossing a red light etc, and again here you can decide when to give up your car to the Police. People mostly do it while travelling, so its not as painful as otherwise.

199 Responses to “Dubai – Traffic fine enquiry online”


    DEAR sir I want cheak my traffic fine LICNCE NO D L NO 1043989 PLS CHEAK THANKS

  2. ASHOK BATRA Says:

    Could you mail me my traffic fines this year : Car Plate : Dubai : A39213 , Silver Honda Accord , 2008 Model


    Dear sir,
    I have got a traffic fine from the R.T.A. for AED 200.The reason is My MOTORCYCLE is wrong parking and the area is Parking Area Dubai Court. Dear sir there is now seperate parking space for motorcycle parking so i keep my small motorcycle (CG 125) on a side of footpath during Ramzan. Just i go insdide the court for inquiry within seven munit when i come back the fine has be awarded.
    Dear sir please excuse my fine and i assure you i will be careful in future. Accepting your kind and favourable consideraton please.

    Traffic Fine No: PFSR8528543 dated 08/08/2011 at 11:17.42 AM
    Motorcycle : CG 125, PLATE NO: 19960

  4. amjad Says:

    can you tell me what is the speed limit on wahda road in front of sharjah city center i got 600 AED fine there police flash on me

  5. niki Says:

    where is AL Emarat street in Dubai? there are hidden cameras there.

  6. Shad Says:

    hw long does it takes to display fine notification online if of the same emirate????

  7. narayanasamy Says:

    i got message through mmy mobile traffic ticket issued on my vehile no how to find out what is the issue

  8. zafar Says:

    how can i cheke all the fines of all over the uae.

  9. Hamza Abbas Says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m working in a transport company since 2009. I saw 8 black points in my license when i check through online,I didn’t have any traffic fines since 2009, then how i got 8 points in my driving licence ?

  10. Arathi Says:

    How to pay the traffic fines other than online method?

  11. haja Says:

    how to pay online traffic fine in sharjah,,,,,plz inform me soon

  12. Munawar Paramal Says:

    Dear Sir .
    I Want to know my trafic fines Car No. 27207 E Dubai

  13. hazrat ali Says:

    hi.sir good morning ,my car have sum fine haw i pay with discountits posebale,

  14. hazrat ali Says:

    my car no. 36081

  15. Kokol Says:

    Niki, Daniel, George,
    I also got booked by a camera on Al Emarat Street. I think its the as Emirates Road E311? it must have been a mobile camera becasue I didn’t see any flashes.

  16. hossein Says:

    hw can i check the rta fines given to my car?

  17. lili Says:

    dear sir i just wanna knows my car fine,how to proceeds???????

  18. Abu Says:

    How can check RTA fine in RTA site

  19. Ali Says:

    If anyone need to check his/her traffic fines just visit this link::

    just mention your license number or plate number and got all fines if available.

  20. Vishal Says:

    Got fined 3 times with 2 black points each for turning wrong way on Sheikh khalifa street in Dubai in 3 months. First, do not know where sheikh khailfa street is in dubai? (know Sheikh zayed road – but khalifa street ?) second assuming it is sheikh zayed road – there is no turning at all so where is the question of “turning wrong way”. Tried to reach phone lines but nobody picks up! Does anybody know how to get the info from ?

  21. kashif jamal Says:

    assalam o alikum
    i recived a sms witch is (dear owner of the license no 425941.a trafic ticket was issued on 11-09-2012) but this is not my license no

  22. Moin KM Says:

    I have got a fine for my car AED 800, Ticket Violations Description is “Exceeding speed limit by 41 to 50 km/h”. And the location is mentioning as “Al Emarat St”. Where is this location/road. Please can somebody help me…

  23. noor Says:

    hii..i have one qustion?I have license but i get already 24 black point out of one year now but my license already pass one year..i have problem now can u explain to me..?

  24. Aamir Says:

    i want to check if any fine is there on my vehicle

  25. afghan Says:

    what is the fine for if i drive with expire driveing lincece.. i need to go somewhere tomorow and my driveing lincece is expired.. i had eyes test to aplay for new lincece but it will take somedays to renew my visa first.. so can u plz tell me what is the fine for if i drive with expire driveing lincece.. thank u plz reply me soon

  26. afghan Says:

    what is the fine for if i drive with expire driveing lincece.. i need to go somewhere tomorow and my driveing lincece is expired.. i had eyes test to aplay for new lincece but it will take somedays to renew my visa first.. so can u plz tell me what is the fine for if i drive with expire driveing lincece. and tell me what els gone be problume for me if i drive with expire driveing lincece. thank u plz reply me soon

  27. shaz Says:

    What happened is..
    When it was blinking green, I crossed the line, when it was orange I braked in the middle, and when I saw there was no one behind, I reversed!
    I understand what I should have done is I should have just driven ahead! But I’m a new driver and I freaked out!

    Will I get fined and given black points for it?!?! :(
    One of my friend’s said, the camera captures 20sec after the light turns red!.. Is it true???

    Please help me!

  28. Shajahan Says:

    My Dubai driving lisance expired in April 2012. Now i want to renew it. How much penality for late renewal

  29. Carrie Says:

    Hi, I have been browsing several websites regarding this issue I have and have not come up with a logical explanation hence I write my query here. I had sold my car in the month of June 2012 to a known person who at the time of transfer ran short of the transfer money for the insurance and registration work. He paid me 500 aed less therefore owing me that money. Somehow he now refuses to pay me saying there was a fine. My query is at the time of registration transfer the websites did not show any fine, the rta personnel also checked as per norm routine before transfer. Is it possible that months later there could be a fine turning up on the car?

  30. amjad Says:

    hi i want to check on one camera from 10/12/2012

  31. amjad Says:

    hi i want to check on one camera from 10/12/2012 mani buss with 85429 J white coler number plate

  32. majid Says:

    hi i want know how much cost of u turn fines.

  33. UMAIR Says:

    HI, i have been reading the previous posts on this website. what i found is everyone is asking questions but there is no specific answer to their questions..
    But if still anyone out there can just inform me , where to pay the fine for traffic signal violatoin? the violation was in ajman.. i know instead of impounding the car for 15 days, we can pay 100 dhms fine per day but where to pay this fine??

  34. riyano khan Says:

    hi i just wanna too how can i know about fines on my uncle licence

    plsssssssssssssss help me out

  35. flat123456 Says:

    Hi, I have accidently crossed a red light, but i saw the red light and reacted by braking hard, i crossed the line but i didnt completely enter the intersection, so I reversed back, there was no one behind me, it was very empty. This happened right after exiting dubai festival city in gateway avenue, its a signal a little before taking the bridge to business bay bridge. I didnt see any flash or camera. But I’m still scared that i got a fine, it happened at around 6 in the morning on 15th August on a friday. Its been about 4 days now and i kept checking the dubai police website, so far only previous speeding fines show up that happened many months ago. I’m just wondering how long could it take to be updated in the website?? reading some comments here saying it took as long as a month to be updated in the website?? its a 800 dhs fine and 15 days impound of the vehicle which sounds very serious so how can they take soo long to inform? I checked again at that signal if there was a camera or not, so far i didnt see anything, does anyone know if theres a camera after exiting Dubai Festival City, taking the left exit to bur dubai, a traffic signal comes a short while after.

  36. Sameera Says:


    Unfortunately, i have crossed the red light by mistake. it was actually happened unexpectedly the green light has been changed into Red without the yellow. and i havent see whether the cam has taken the vehicle picture or not. due to confusion still i cannot assure the fine caused or not for the same. i havent receive any Tickets and happned about 1 week ago.How can i find the Violation fine charged or not ? please suggest me !

  37. Munir Khan Says:

    Unfortunately i got fine on line changing before two days back. this morning i pay this fine online by my Master card and i receive sms about deduction amount by e government. but still fine is there in the system witch already paid by online.
    please help me to get out from this confusion.

  38. sajil Says:

    i need to check the history of paid traffic fine, is it possible?!!

  39. ABID Says:

    I had paid traffic fine in mobile app 13 jan15 bt i didn’t receive payment reciept ; so how can I get a reciept of paid payment.

  40. robin george Says:

    my name is robin i am from umm al quwain .and i am working in umm al quwain. i have a car in my ow name .i took full cover insurance then i went to renew my car .they told to me u have two fines dhs 800 .i asked them how it is .they told me u should pay this fines then u can renew your vechile. and it was correct .at that time and that day i was working in umm al quwain .i never went to dubai.and i went to the dubai police.and they told may be mistake happen.u should go to the court then file a case that to object the fines u have got it.and its is in case .and can renew my car. i already took full cover insurance.but my registration is finished ,still i am driving the car .is there any promblem .and the insurance will be expire after 15 days .my friends told me

  41. teews Says:

    i crossed the pedestrian lane yesterday and it turns green when i am in the middle of it..i have my emirates id with me,is it true that they can detect me because of my id??

  42. Zaheer Says:

    Can anyone please help me,
    Driving in a way that is dangerous to public means what?
    I have got a huge fine of 1000 dhms + 30 days car impound + 12 black points..
    I am really shocked and cant able to understand that what a big mistake I have done ?
    I got fine yesterday and in sheikh zayed road..
    and I am 100% sure that I was driving very straight.. than too also how come I can get such huge fine and black points..

  43. Elvis Colaco Says:


    I have been charged second time for jaywalking at Al Nahda. I had an dought what will be the fine imposed on me? When there is no pedestrian crossing on skywalk bridge how are people going to cross??? If we go to do officially zebra crossing it takes us more than 45 minutes to reach our building.
    If the Jaywalking is not allowed in Dubai why there is No Zebra Crossing at Al nahda Bus stop. how will people walk after getting down at that bus stop?
    It seems the Government of Dubai is closing eyes because the income of fine from Al- nahda is too high…..
    Help me to get the answer of how a man is going to cross after getting down at the bus stop which is at boarder of Sharjah and Dubai Al-nahda….

  44. Ameer Says:

    How to find traffic fine spot place (Ex: DUBAI or any states)

  45. Anayat Says:


    can u plz tell me i pass tha signal on green light is bilnking so i have to go lift and i soo my left side camera flash me 2 time but now i have a question is if i jump tha red light camera so must rear camera flash to me or frant one y left one flash me???

  46. mateen Says:

    Can anybody tell me where Al Buheirat Street is in Dubai. I think it’s in the JLT, Jumeira Park location. I have traffic fine there but not sure where this location is. Thank you.

  47. Marya Roofira Says:

    Can anyone please help me,
    I have received fine 200 AED today , P88991, Dubai Private Car/18.05.2016 @ 07:47 AM. Ticket Location Description : Hesa road, Ticket Violations Description : Light vehicle lane discipline.

    I am really shocked and can’t able to understand that what a big mistake I have done ? I understand that is wrong if you are over take and passing to the lane place. I saw the police car stopping on the lane, almost 100 meter away and I used signal light before I turned to the left lane bridge Hesa Road,
    and I am 100% sure that I was driving very straight.. I almost driving for more than 20 years and I never got this fine, this year always I got fines even in RTA Parking area I have parking ticket 12:57 I got fine for 3 minutes almost in Emaar Business Park location, how come I can get such huge fine, Allah can see all this mistake, thanks to the police staff who is issuing this fine.

  48. Umair Says:

    Sir I got a fine of 220 forms on buss but I don’t pay since 1 month so what will be extra charges plz tell me.

  49. Solange Says:


    The light was blinking and we barely crossed a red light in Ajman. Thank god we stopped at the pedestrian aisle and drove back and didnt enter the intersection

    Wr got the fine. Is there any way to cancel it since we didnt enter the intersection??