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Dubai is loaded with confortable services which enable one not to get out of the house/office for most of the time. You can pay all your bills online or at gas stations, so you wont lose time at Post offices or in lines. The newest thing (to me at least) is the Traffic fine enquiry online. There is a website you go to:

Dubai Police

and on the top right you click “Traffic Fines Inquiry” and it takes you to a form. Here you enter your License plate number and get the results in an instance. Look at the picture below.

What happens is for instance you speed and a camera catches you. In two days time, the pictures are downloaded from the cameras and the website is updated. When you query the site you see that you have a ticket, you give your Credit Card number, and settle the fine. Also there are no black points for speeding tickets, so its basically a money making way for the Dubai municipalities. The traffic fines are not sent to your address at all, so the only way to know is to check online. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to pay all outstanding fines upon registering your car, which takes place every year.

There are harsher punishments also, like vehicle inpounding for crossing a red light etc, and again here you can decide when to give up your car to the Police. People mostly do it while travelling, so its not as painful as otherwise.

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  1. Christa Says:

    I have a ticket for crossing the red light,by mistake,i didn’t see the color changing. Anyway, i have a paper with a registration number on it,with my details such as the driving licence and registration number.When i tried to search the fine by the receipt number it is not showing me any fine,same as by searching by my driving licence number or registration number.
    It is written in arabic the receipt,so I don’t understand it,i got it translated,there is no amount to be paid written on it and no car confiscation option.
    Please advice me what to do,so I won’t be in trouble,i want to pay the fees if any.

  2. bence8810 Says:

    Hi Christa,

    What I would do is call or visit RTA and find out what is the actual issue. I never had a ticket (thanks god), so I dont have the experience. Red lights though are very tough, they will confisticate the car for a while, you will pay a fine, and in some cases, you might do some time in Jail. I assume these are not the usual Jails the criminals go to, but still……

    Good luck,


  3. amandeep singh Says:

    i like dubai………………….

  4. amandeep singh Says:


    EDIT: Please don’t give up your email address on forums and blogs as you will attract SPAM to your inbox. Cheers

  5. Christa Says:

    Thanks mate!!! ( Ben)

    Solved my problem, no worries anymore! It was a mistake,not from my side,and as a result no confication or any other things . Happy! Thanks alot

  6. bence8810 Says:

    Hey Christa, I am glad your problem is solved.



  7. Habiba Hamisi Says:

    I have checked through the online services and realised i was fined on the 06th Oct 08 on an ABU DHABI trafic for AED600, i have no idea what this fine is for simply because:1) i was out of the country during this time and never left anyone with my car and. 2) i live and work in Dubai on the 06th i should be at work at the time of the fine 08:19. 3) i renewed my car registration on the 05th Nov 08 and nothing was indicated as a fine against my car registration number.
    is it a printing error or what is it?

  8. bence8810 Says:

    Hi Habiba,

    That does sound like an error from their end. Why don’t you give them a call, I guess thats the best way to find it out.

    Good luck, and let us know what happens,


  9. Paramjeet Singh Says:

    Daily I travel to Sharjah to Dubai and stuck at Al Tuwaan Bridge. Sharjah Police vehicle always stand their on the side to control the traffic. But there is too much traffic their people find the way from side lane to move ahead. I doubt, one of the day police flashed car light on me when I was stuck in rush and trying to move my car ahead. I didnt understand why the Sharjah Police flashed the car light on me.. whether he wanted to stop me? and I couldnt stop because of running traffic. And the day I was in the doubt whether police has charged me for any violation. Yesterday I found the RTA Traffic FIne Book from Petrol Station and I found that if the police vehicle trying to stop us and we dont stop for any reason then they can fine Dhs 800 and 12 Black point etc.. I checked for my fine by entering my Car no. and then by my license no., in the site link you mentioned in your article, but I didnt get any Fine information in search result.

    I doubt and want to ask that this Fine Checking Website is working fine or not and is this showing the correct result or not. Or is their any other way to check the fine status without going to RTA office. Please provide some help.


  10. bence8810 Says:


    I see the issue there Paramjeet, but don’t really know what to say. I only rely on the Online interface and have not yet gotten any tickets thank god. Try calling RTA maybe and inquire over the phone.

    One thing I know is that when you go to register your car for an additional year, you will be asked to pay all fines so at that time you will find out for sure. Nothing else I can say, its the 3rd world out here despite the fancy buildings etc, and things don’t always work the way they should.



  11. kashif polani Says:


  12. Samir Says:

    Where can I see Sharjah traffic fine photo online?

  13. Upal Chatterji Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Dubai Police has newly installed some speed guns. These are round and vertical and can supposedly track your speed from behind also…thats what I am told anyway. I was also informed that these things work in a clandestine manner that they do not ‘Flash’ like the normal box type speed guns. My experience has however been different that I found the gun ‘flashing’ me as I passed by, well within the speed limit.I have checked the web site and find that I have not been honoured with a Muqalifa or with Black Points but it is rather unnerving to get flashed. Also, the Dubai Traffic fine enquiry page, which an efficient page in all respects, has installed a new facility ‘ see photo’ , but this unfortunately is not working!!

  14. Alexwebmaster Says:

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  15. anandkumar Says:

    hi ben or anybody ther!

    i hv got a rak registration car.
    i got a illegal parking fine from dubai.
    i dont find this in the dubai police website.
    can you please help me find this?
    i needa pay this off, asap.
    the registration number is RAK 55362, white.
    personal car, reg in jun 08, so new number plate.

    or do i see this in rak police website?
    i cudnt locate their web on google search.

    any help wud b highly apprecaited.
    anand kumar

  16. anandkumar Says:

    hi ben,
    its the same anandkumar.
    sory to mas another mail.
    but i think its imperative to write this mail.
    quote from ur reply to ‘paramjeet’
    One thing I know is that when you go to register your car for an additional year, you will be asked to pay all fines so at that time you will find out for sure
    i had a dubai regn car b4.
    i purchased it in 2006, and re-registered in 2007.
    i hv been checking for fines on dubai online web and cudnt find any fines.
    when i re-regisrtede in 2007, i never paid any fines.
    its one o ma frnd advised me that
    the dubai police web (eventhough provide an option for search for al emirate)
    really doesnt search for fines in al emirates.
    i think their databases are not linked.
    as per my friends advise, i checkd the sharjah police site
    and cud locate a speeding fine of 200 bucks which i paid in 2008.
    as said b4, i nvr got this when i re-registrd ma car in 2007.
    i sold my car in late 2008.
    if i dint pay that fine, i hope the new owner wud hav askd 2 pay…?????!!!!!
    await ur coments on this shj poilce web and dubai police all emiarate check issue.
    thanks again

  17. anandkumar Says:

    sorry i missed out one imp point.
    that speeding fine was of june 2006, when i juz purchased the car.
    and i paid it in 2008!!!
    this dint come up in 2007 registration reneawall!!!!

  18. waris Says:

    how to pay online traffic fine in sharjah,,,,,plz inform me soon

  19. saju Says:

    how to know if there is any fine on my car (no D76532 dubai registered)

  20. anandkumar Says:

    hi saju

    to check trafic fines, follow below URL:

    enter plate number.
    enter plate code as D – 3.

    click search.

    bravo! u don hv any fine. as per ur number plate.
    somebody plz answer my prev 2 queries.
    anand kumar


    Please give me the details of fines for the above mention name.

  22. anandkumar Says:

    hi khan,
    you need to reframe your question as its not clear.
    what you mean by ‘above mention name?

  23. Daniel Says:

    Hi,I have got a traffic fine from the Dubai police for AED 200.The reason is Vehicle lane discipline and the area is Al Emarat Street.I don’t know this place so I am trying to call the Dubai police number to check with them but no one’s responding.Is there any other number where I check regarding this fine.

  24. Channa Says:


    I have a car reguistered with Sharjah Traffic Police and the colour of the plate is orange. But the Dubai Traffic Fines enquiry has only 3 options – 1, 2 and white. How do I get to know whether there are any fines for my car, gthat has an orange plate?

  25. Josh Says:

    Hi All,

    I was driving down Al Wasl Road a few days back and drove through the green flashing-yellow lights and the camera flashed at me! We saw this as it was the evening and quote evident. I’ve checked the Dubai Police website this morning and have a “Jumping Red Traffic Signal” violation (800 Dhs + 15 days impound).

    My question is that we are pretty sure we did not cross the red light (there were 3 of us in the car), so wondering if there is any way of getting Dubai Police to double-check? I’ve never received a violation here before in 3 years and now this!!


  26. khan Says:

    Hi Josh,

    I believe once yellow light flashing means stop but if u crossed while yellow flashing u violeted, my friend had experience when he was on jumhaira raod and he crossed yellow blinking n police stop on next signal and ask for fine he argu with police but no results and they said yelo blinking means stop!


  27. khan Says:

    Hi All,

    can any body know how to check online history of paid fine??



  28. bence8810 Says:

    Hi there Khan,

    I was unfortunate enough to have been fined, so I now have more insight information than before. I just paid my fine off last week and as a result, it did disappear fromt the list of fines. What I found is that if you click on Online Services, under Traffic Enquiries you can click on Track an Already paid fine and that will let you search for fines in a specific period. Please note that the window can not be larger than 31 days, it only lets you search month by month.

    As of right now, this is the link to that site, but RTA frequently changes their links so don’t be surprised if the link is dead.

    On a second note, thanks a lot guys for helping eachother out, I was not able to attend but still see a lot of you giving suggestions, etc.



  29. Zahid Ali Says:

    Can anybody tell me what is the punishment if anybody crosses red signal in Sharjah?

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Tanya Says:


    I apparently ran a red light and they want to impound my car – for 15 days! Can someone please advise me processes re: how they will a) impound my car and b) release my car from being impounded, and costs associated with it. I have a Dubai numberplate car and need to re-register sometime in August.

    Also, I had a fine for “obstructing traffic”, no photo was attached and I never received a ticket. I haven’t paid it accordingly. Are they likely to demand payment or do i have grounds to not pay.

    Appreciate your assistance.

  31. ravi Says:

    hi, please let me know if we have taken wrong line during pass the round about in sharjah and sharjah police has noticed only driving license on there of official receipt.
    kindly reply as soon as possible
    your earlier reply would be highly appreciated.

    your truly

  32. jinja Says:

    i was in bur dubai and was stopped by police for switching lanes after giving signal and was given a white ticket which is in arabic which i can not read and my licence was taken away and told to collect from szr junction 5.Is this normal?


  33. bence8810 Says:

    Hi Jinja,

    I heard that before. This is the problem in Dubai and in the UAE in general. We have no common knowledge what the police can do, and therefore we are reluctant about not agreeing to a specific request, etc.

    I would call the branch in the SZR junction and ask what to do. Also get an arabic speaker to translate the fine for you.

    Good luck getting it back mate,


  34. Jayachandran VS Says:

    For a very latest information of traffic fines, pls do follow the link:

  35. UWAIS Says:

    my driving license renuwed in 5 month a go but ipay fine 150 dirham in 02/09/2009 why it s not show before all ready my d/l 11 year old pls answer my Q THANKS

  36. chanel Says:

    hi does anyone know how much a ticket is if you take the side lane and get caught?

  37. md. jamaluddin Says:

    how my fine incoare

  38. Iram Says:

    How can I get da info about my black points…about how i got them n for what offence

  39. bence8810 Says:

    I am not sure about the black points, perhaps its best to call RTA and ask. When I log in, I can only see the number of black points i have and not the details on what for I got them, etc.


  40. george mathew Says:


  41. george mathew Says:

    welcome google


  42. Waqas Says:

    I have bought my car on may, 2009. I was just checking the fine on my car and found that there is a fine on my car from sharjah amount “200dhs”. I tried to check the details of the fine it says:


    Any body knows about the casues of this fine?

  43. Waqas Says:

    I have bought my car on may, 2009. I was just checking the fine on my car from

    Dubai police:


    UAE Traffic fine system:

    There are 3 fines on my car listed by UAE traffic fines for (2006, 2008, 2008), but i bought my car on 2009 and i have a new traffic file. These fines are not appearing in Dubai police site. what should i do?

  44. bence8810 Says:

    Hi Waqas,

    Best thing is to call the Sharjah police and find out directly from them. The previous owner might have had a ticket or something. I also have a fine from Abu Dhabi but I was able to re-register my car in Dubai without any trouble.


  45. Sam Says:

    Guys please help solve my problem!

    I had a fine issued to me by a police officer. When I logged-in to pay the fine by Traffic file number the system asked me for my birth year and number of vehicle owned. I entered these correctly but still the system gave me a “data error” message. Even if I choose to search by License number, the same error is returned.

  46. bence8810 Says:

    Sorry thats a first for me too. I was never asked to enter any such personal information.

    Hope someone else can chime in,


  47. ajm Says:

    Hi Tany

    I also caught by jumping red light.

    Would you kindly tell me your story about solving the same.

    What happend with you when you went to traffic police?

    How do you solve car impounding?


    Please email me only_solitary@yahoo.con

    apparently ran a red light and they want to impound my car – for 15 days! Can someone please advise me processes re: how they will a) impound my car and b) release my car from being impounded, and costs associated with it. I have a Dubai numberplate car and need to re-register sometime in Dec 09.

    Appreciate your assistance

  48. check fines Says:

    i want to check traffic fines

  49. Hari Says:

    I got a fine from Sharjah police – AN ARTICLE TO TRY TO PAY TRAFFIC TICKETS THROUGH THE INTERNET ” for 200 dhs

    Any body knows what is this fine for?

  50. hardik Says:

    hi,last 9th month any fines car plate no. c41628. plese chaqe this no. ok reply me……

  51. dphil Says:

    Hi, i was recently fined for not maintaining lane discipline although it wasnt my fault (anyways, no ones going to believe me). When i checked the fines enquiry page, it said that i had a red ticket and would have to present my license to the traffic department, any clue on whether they will confiscate it ??

  52. SHADOW Says:

    hey guys i was doing 140Kmph on SHk Zayed Rd…
    does nebody know how many days it takes for the fine to come into the system so i can check the fine?

  53. bence8810 Says:

    Hi there. dphil, the fact that they are calling you in does not necessarily means a suspension of license, they might just want to warn you in person since you are getting a few black points.

    Shadow, it normally takes 2 working days, but of course it can vary, like all things time-related in the Middle East.



  54. Jacob Says:

    By mistake i crossed the red light near jumera on last day. i have already paid the fine and i want to know when i have to impound by car. I really need the car for another 15 days so i want to know is it ok if i give to car to police after 15 days. pls send me mail if anyone have such experience.

  55. bence8810 Says:

    Hi Jacob,

    As far as I know, its up to you when you inpound the car. I would do it in the rainy season so that the sun wont hurt it too much.

    And for your info, giving out your email address on public forums / blogs is a very bad idea, there are robots who roam sites and collect these addresses and use it later for SPAM-ing.



  56. Jacob Says:

    Hi Mr. Ben

    Thanks for the info. Do you got such experience like impounding the car. Actually i badly need the car on next 15 days and i don’t want to give fine becz of delaying too. here i don’t find any info frm dubai police site too. please advice

  57. christoff Says:

    i want to ask regarding my penalty,last may 15 2007 i got fine in failure to put an reflective sticker on my van,and the police said that is not my fine..that is company fine.but when i check my licence number it appear on my licence number.what should i i need to pay i need to settle that fine even it’s not my mistake.

  58. Karthik Says:

    Hi friends, I drive a rented car no 31854 I DXB for which I received a fine of AED 200 dated 27th Oct’09 which has already paid. I don’t know for wht this fine is given. Can any one tell me how can I know the reason for fine and location of the incident.

  59. rod Says:

    i want to know the location of the car with a plate no. c 99875 dubai code

  60. rod Says:

    hi guys,pls help me.because today im experiencing a roberry inside a car whose fronting as a carlift who ride people to pay small amount to go to ur destination.this was happen today here in beside park n shop al wasl road.i ride with a car with a plate no.c99875 small car toyota but i can not see the exact code.the driver is a black guy with his freind also.So pls help me get the info.thankz

  61. Rythm Says:

    My licence taken by sharjah police, can you please help me from where i can take back the licence, Police said me to come to muroor, What the hell is Muroor..?? Please help

  62. Ashok Says:

    how to know if there any fines on my vehicle(H13402 Dubai registered)

  63. RAIHAN Says:

    pls find mmy fine if any plate #67281 k dubai


    How to know if there any fine on my car in Fujairah areas

    Plate no 15611A UAE (Registered in Al Fujairah)

  65. dor Says:

    id like to ask when they are going to remove my black points i got 12 already.tonight i checked it but still i have it as far as i know every end of the year they are clearing all the black points as long as you didnt meet the 24 black points please advise.thank you.

  66. KHAN Says:

    please tell me how find the name of person license. when enter the license number

  67. Nadia Says:

    What’s the fine for not registering your car? I bought a car in April 2007 and was regisitered for a year in Dubai, but it hasn’t been registered since April 2008 and is being driven, i have cleared all my fines etc. How much is the fine for late registration? The car is covered will full insurance since January 2010, (comprehensive) , it’s been 1 year nine months since the actual registration date..

  68. sam Says:

    golden coloer mazda solon – EDITED – NO SPAMMING HERE

  69. paulpandi Says:


    I had a fine issued to me by a police officer. When I logged-in to pay the fine by Traffic file number the system asked me for my birth year and number of vehicle owned. I entered these correctly but still the system gave me a “data error” message. Even if I choose to search by License number, the same error is returned.

  70. Khurram Hussain Says:

    Today i go to renwal of our boss driving license that i received one fine issue by Ajman Police Fine No 698955 Dated 30.01.2010 time: 19:45 amount is 200/-, Car number Plate B-75001(this car only used him) but long time i did’t go to ajman. why are to issue me this fine. please tell me how can findout this problem

  71. kylie Says:

    Hi I have a fine/ticket issued by the police officer. I made a U-turn on a No U-turn zone (well it was an honest mistake).
    Can I pay it online? I’m a lady and am really not comfortable going to the police stations.

    My car and license is registered in Sharjah. Just got the fine the other day and it’s not showing on the online traffic inquiry website.

  72. Mr Shams Says:

    dear it will show.. u can add me
    i will help u out

  73. kylie Says:

    It doesn’t show on the dubai police website (usual fine inquiry by plate #).. but it shows when I use the machines at the malls (i.e. inquiry by ticket no.) but there are no payment options..

    Do I really need to go the the police station??

  74. ragesh Says:

    three four day,s before i got 200 dhs fine. i have interstes to know about black pointes

  75. husam Says:

    i just got a fine a few days back for passing a red light after doing a u-turn in abu dhabi
    a police stopped me and fined me 800dhs with 8 blackpoints according to the ticket and it says that i have to go to the khalidya police station within one month of the fine
    I checked the abu dhabi police online fine system and my red light fine is there but it says locked and i can’t pay it…any ideas :S i’m worried about it

  76. bence8810 Says:


    I don’t know about Abu Dhabi, but it Dubai if you run the red light, you are in a world of pain for sure. Usually they’ll take your car for a period of a month, which is why you need to go in and arrange the schedule.

    Hope Abu Dhabi is more relaxed, do keep us posted once you have visited them and found out,

    Good luck,


  77. raj Says:

    how cen i chek my traffic fine

  78. ali Says:

    hi, i got a fine for lane disipline which is 200 AED, but it is publised in red, it says have to pay at traffic dept. with 2 black point, but in the same window, at the corner, it says pay and present license, does this mean i have to pay online and then take my license to traffic dept, or should i directly go to the traffic dept, pay my fine and finish..

  79. Anand Says:

    Hi there,
    last saturday on 10-Apr in Jafiliya area, i might have jumped to Red signal.. i am not sure about this.. it appered Green in sun light but when i saw center mirror all the cars were stopped.. so i want check on site.. how much days it will take to appear on the system.

  80. ali Says:

    hey anand, it may take 2 days to even a week or more, so keep checking and best of luck..

  81. Mohammad Aftab Anjum Says:

    last wednesday on 14-Apr, 2010 in Al wasel Junction area, i might have jumped to Red signal.. i am not sure about this.. it appered Green in sun light but when i saw center mirror all the cars were stopped… any how before renew my license, i checked with RTA toll free about my fine, so they told me 800 AED i have fine for red cross and plus impound my car 15 days also. so i want to know that how i can save myself from 15 days problem and how i renew my driving license.
    Please advice me what to do,so I won’t be in trouble,i want to pay the fees if any.

  82. Graeme Says:

    Hi can you help, I called the police out as I came out to my car to find th front wing all smashed in.. I know I did not do it and it looks like somebody has hit my car with some force and driven off.. This was only th start of my problems.. I discovered my registration has expired (realised this needs to be done annualy).. again not a major problem.. what the problem is the Police have taken the car away.. and they will not say why only that the HQ said to take teh car and I need to go to the police station to ask for it back only then will I find out why they took the car.. I don’t want to go to the police station without having an idea of why ? can anybody give me some indication.. my file only has 3 21-30Km speeding tickets so nothing obvious… any advise on what to do will be appreciated…

  83. murali Says:

    How can I check the fine detailes of my car

  84. Mohd Afzal Says:

    Please can anyone help me to get Fine Details.when i went to renew my car i found 500 dhs fine.i asked in same counter they have no idea .Even last year i got fine for 200 dhs fine which was for year 2007 which had already cleared ,when i claim in counter they informed me that there was system problem .so again i paid 200 dhs for nothing

  85. Ranil Says:

    Any one know what is the procedure for impounding the car?…i have a fine for 1k with 12 black points, this is for overspeeding, eventually they say i have to impound the car for a month..i have paid all my other fines except this one which has a LOCK icon next to it online, so now what is the procedure? i just go to the traffic dept and give the car?…does any one know?…thanks

  86. Ranil Says:

    I didnt mention….my car is abu dhabi registered, so i am talking about the abu dhabi traffic police…thanks

  87. George Says:

    Anybody know where is Al Emarat Street, guess a hidden cam got me and I wanna just know where the hell they hid it. Daniel .. you mentioned the same street name. Did you find out where it is?

  88. Fahad Says:

    Nowadays rta website is not responding. Please check and suggest a website to check fines online.
    We have checked but not responding.
    Thank You.

  89. marcellene Says:

    there is a signal at jumeira road which cannot be seen easily and if someones jumps it ….. sure for getting fine of 800 dhms with impounding procedure…….pl RTA keep better signals so that drivers can see it easily and not be penalised with huge fines/

    also at international exit for jebel ali abu dhabi speed on fines shown says 20 to 30 speed limit how is it so??? on turning 20 to 30??? drivers take care is all i can say.

    what can this website do to check such problems or is it just for personal driving issues to be sent

    at discovery gardens near domino pizza it is cracy signal where driveres from other side come into domino lane sure accident

    no white lines showing lane demarcation on way out from discovery gardens to dubaiu/jebel ali

  90. ahammed shihab Says:

    i like toomuch dubai,place,rodes,markets,habra,shopingmalls,all OR assaikh muhammedbinu rashid al makthum and my dear fazza,thanks,my sun name ahammed hamdan thanks

  91. khial bad shah Says:

    plz check my car fain my car no.52587 E

  92. Fahad Says:

    khial bad shah if this is your car reg number 52587 E then you must be very rich.
    you have total of 6750 AED fines. wow and most of them are overspeeding.

  93. ASAD Says:

    I have seen 2 fines in differnt dates, only i want to know the reason, why and on what ground sharjah police gave me these fines, please explain………

  94. ishak Says:

    how can i my traffic fine

  95. forouzandeh iravani Says:

    i cant give with mobil fince how can

  96. forouzandeh iravani Says:

    how can in my mobil see my fince for my car

  97. abdul rehman Says:

    plz send me fine of my car

  98. Santhosh A D Says:

    sir, i need to know my trafic fine and pls inform to me how i can serch fines in online

  99. abdul samad Says:

    sir i want check my vahicels fine how and wich web pls sir thanks rta dubai

  100. ppp Says:

    how can check fines

  101. imran Says:

    i got a fine from dubai police but the attitude of police officer just like illlitrate irresposible just like 3world countries plz thank

  102. kashif imran Says:

    hi iwant to know how to chek on line fines detail bye dates or time my no is 050 6827347 thanks

  103. robinson samuel Says:

    hello sir, i want change the registertion of my father car to my name
    (son) what is doucements requirey my father is in indain now and
    he cannot come back because of a acciedent in indian so pls guide me
    the right thinks requirey so that i can change the car to my name
    as well same thinks for the renewal of mulika also thanks

  104. mehboob Says:

    can some boby tell me that how i can check the total fines of my total(dubai,sharjah.Abu dahbi..etc)

  105. abid khan Says:

    fines inquiry

  106. abdul fatah Says:

    plz sir! i want cheak my licencens fine and my blackpoint.sir my driving licences num is 482779 plz send me fine inquiry it my moble mun 0505695245 THANKS

  107. abdul fatah Says:

    LOL! guys if u want 2 cheak your car fine then simple *123# in etisalat mun nd ok then chose 4_i mean dubai police follow it?OKKKKKKK

  108. abraham thomas Says:

    respected sir………. how can i check my traffic fines,my car number is DUBAI L 40578,CAN YOU SEND ME REPLAY?

  109. Ricardo Antonio Says:


    please kindly check my traffic fine,my car number is DUBAI K 63143, Please send me reply….

    Thanking you …..

  110. surinder kumar Says:

    My licence number 842629 – I would like to know whether there is any fine remain in my name unpaid

  111. gurdevudham Says:

    my license no is 254264 i want check my fine

  112. gurdevudham Says:

    my license no is 254264 abu dhabi i want check my fine

  113. ibrahm.vv Says:

    plese chek dri licen fine ajman licen issu no70779

  114. ibrahm.vv Says:

    plese chek dri licen fine .ajman licen issu no70779

  115. iqbal Says:

    eid mubbark to one and all please find my traffice fines on my car of dubai plate no

  116. Mohammed Shafeequr Rahman Says:

    My licence number 600447/N – I would like to know whether there is any fine remain in my name unpaid

  117. Mohammed Shafeequr Rahman Says:

    My vehicle number B52541 DUBAI– I would like to know whether there is any fine remain in my name unpaid

  118. Mohammed Shafeequr Rahman Says:

    My licence number 600477/N– I would like to know whether there is any fine remain in my name unpaid

  119. Mohammed Shafeequr Rahman Says:

    my license no is 600447/N i want to check my fine

  120. Mohammed Shafeequr Rahman Says:

    i want to know & to check online fines details by date / time, kindly reply on my mobile no. 050 5741812 thanks

  121. Mansoor Ilahi Says:


    i(dubai plate) jumped a red signal in ajman,i got the fine after 20 days on abu dhabi site not dubai site..can sum one pls tell me how many days will my car be impounded??i also heard that if u talk to the ajman official,they will remove the impound and just make you pay the how far is this true?


  122. muhammedali Says:

    sir how can check the trafic fine before very ec

  123. nithik Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Please solve my problem,

    I have paid my traffic fine of 380 AED with abu dhabi police. Badly i lost my payment receipt and forgot my receipt number to :(. Now my company is asking the payment receipt. Where can i see the receipt number again? is there any possiblities to track the number?

    Thanks in advance.



  125. syedsameer Says:

    hello, their is somthing funny i have seen today i have a fine on my numberplate of 700-dh for overspeeding and my number plate is b 3578 but the car shown in the picture is mercedez and my car is chevrolet cavalier and its in al quoz i a have never been to al quoz as i live in sharjah and work in shara center how is that possible right number plate wrong car wrong location strange.dont know what to say?

  126. muhammad tayyab rana Says:

    sir i want to find the my fines tell me how to find the fine

  127. mudassar ashfaq Says:

    dear sir
    ajman police give me fine for glass black my car glass 30% black only .
    but now i remove this sir my fine No. 819041. sir plese tell me how much fine amount and other requred. plz send me fully details.
    mobile no .0508833293

  128. sure Says:

    i got two trafic fines in abu dhabi fine details is showing fine type is absent fine amount is after discount one is 300 and the other one is 400. No balck points.
    pls explain what exactly is this

  129. Nish Says:

    I just renewed my car registration, and I found 3 shocking fine for speeding as check online regularly, normally i drive within the speed limits. till 24th December I had only one which I was known with. other ones was surprise, no sms notice was sent normally police sents those nor shown online. It looks these are fabricated fine just to make money. traffic police computer operator also could not give proper justification. If anybody does any traffic offense it should be sent to the emirates where the car has been registered and can be paid during newel. It should not come after 1/2/3 years as surprised. All emirates are after making money they they ignore the dangerous drivers and caused, they are looking for small fault makers, so guys better careful, stick to traffic rules, drive safely. Don’t give your hard earned money traffic police, they are not after solving traffic problem or jams. they want money.

  130. shameer parayakulathil Says:

    sir i want to know my traffic fines for the license no.276046 (issued from Sharjah)

  131. Nusuu Says:

    wen i check on the dubai police website, i saw that i hav a fine of 600 for speeding by shj traffic police and the timing shown is 8:30 am….bt im sure dat at dis time i was no where in shj as i was in college in dubai….hw is this possible??? can there be a mistake??? is there any more reliable website to check fines?? and in case there is a fine, hw can i see the photos of my speeding car?

  132. Abdulla Kutty Mudavankattil Says:

    What shall I do to get a photograph of my traffic overspeed fine from this site?

  133. annie Says:

    i have a ticket my friend told me to just hire someone to play me and she also told me to sell my car so the new owner will have the charge i just want to know if thats right

  134. Khurram Says:

    hello ben….
    my cousin took fine 15,400 Dhs in sharjah….. On which road he got these fines he didn’t know about the speed limit, and also didn’t know about the mobile camera…. do you have solution for this…

  135. Angela Says:

    @Annie I do not think its possible. You mite have to clear all the pending tickets before you sell the car

  136. swathi Says:

    what will happen if i accompany a friend who doesnt have a driving licence and was driving on the road . i have the driving licence and i allowed him to drive

  137. Shahzad jamil Says:

    Jgat gadtj

  138. suresh Says:

    dubai Truck license and truck caught by police due to dangerous driving two months back. I paid aed 800.00 as fine. After one month they released the truck when can i get my license?. Is ther any black point will remain in same license .

  139. raghu Says:

    Hi all, my car has got hit on wall while parking in the basement of my building. There is a damage to my rear mudguard. How much will be the fine if I call sharjah police?

  140. Kalidasan Says:

    Good Morning,
    last friday i got one fine from dubai RTA, i need check howmouch fine

    TC No: 199043762

  141. Sheetal Says:

    hi ,

    plz help

    I am living in Al ain..i got fine of 300AED. i want to know after getting fine in how many days I can pay the fine and how much will be the late charges if i could not able to pay it on time.??


  142. gonzalo Says:

    @ Sheetal please call 8009090 toll free number RTA will help on this,to my knowlege there is fine/late charges of 10AED per month on the fine.

  143. najeerahamed Says:

    hai, sir i want cheak my traffc fine.

  144. najeerahamed Says:

    how to cheak fine?

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  146. badr Says:

    hi i would like to know in which all situation would dubai police impound the car. As my friend wanted to buy a car but due to some reason he could not get registered under his name so i got it done under my name. And now the car is impounded by police. so what would be the best thing i can but in order to save myself and not get involved in this matter.Will there be a fine that i need to pay? what if the car is just left there with police and not asked anything will that be a issue or they will just auction it after sometime?? please reply me ASAP as i m really tensed what to do about it.

  147. N.t. Says:

    Hi! I’m a new driver in dubai,this morning i stopped in intersection before the lights turns red but my car position was in the middle of pedestrian lane and far from the yellow box then i reverse.i just want to know if i will get fine in that situation? thanks. I hope someone will reply.

  148. Navaraj Says:

    Hi sir,

    How can i check the rta fines given to my car plz?.

  149. Sinoy Mathew Says:

    Hai RTA Officer

    Can you pls help ,how can I check my car fine ?

  150. jahabarali janaralla Says:

    i have fine any discount have

  151. rais khan Says:

    salam, sir i hv fines and i alredy paid that now i need the paid fine copy coz i lost when i geted plz kindly thanks to dubai police

  152. rais khan Says:

    salam . sir how i can get the old paid fines copy this is urgent plz kindly thanks dubai police

  153. josekutty kochumamoottilsamuel Says:

    pls.sir i want chak my licencens fine and my blackpoint sir my driving licences num is 124348 plz sent me fine inquiry it is my mobile no 0507258678 thanks

  154. Janet Holtshausen Says:

    Who can help

    I drive a triffty rent car and have been told that I have trafic fines last month and this month. Both fines are not possible for I was at school in Sharjah teaching with the car parked infront of the school. The one speeding fine was according to them from speeding in Dubai (wher I never drive for I get lost)
    The second is a parking ticket in Dubai which I got while teaching at 10:50 with the car savely parked infront of the school in Sharjah.
    details of these tickets are
    8691356 -42046-that is the cars registration number- arabic I do not understand but been told -parking ticket date 31-10-2011 10:58 -deffinately school hours
    6110115656 -07-09-2011 08:16 again school hours

    What do I do!!!!

  155. SAMIR HUSSAIN Says:


  156. SAMIR HUSSAIN Says:


  157. khan Says:

    hi,i pass from red light by mistake and camera flashed me how can i know the fine procedures.i hope spmeone will reply thanks.


    dear sir I want cheak my traffic fine my licence NO 1043989 DUBAI PLS CHEAK TANNKS


    DEAR sir I want cheak my traffic fine LICNCE NO D L NO 1043989 PLS CHEAK THANKS

  160. ASHOK BATRA Says:

    Could you mail me my traffic fines this year : Car Plate : Dubai : A39213 , Silver Honda Accord , 2008 Model


    Dear sir,
    I have got a traffic fine from the R.T.A. for AED 200.The reason is My MOTORCYCLE is wrong parking and the area is Parking Area Dubai Court. Dear sir there is now seperate parking space for motorcycle parking so i keep my small motorcycle (CG 125) on a side of footpath during Ramzan. Just i go insdide the court for inquiry within seven munit when i come back the fine has be awarded.
    Dear sir please excuse my fine and i assure you i will be careful in future. Accepting your kind and favourable consideraton please.

    Traffic Fine No: PFSR8528543 dated 08/08/2011 at 11:17.42 AM
    Motorcycle : CG 125, PLATE NO: 19960

  162. amjad Says:

    can you tell me what is the speed limit on wahda road in front of sharjah city center i got 600 AED fine there police flash on me

  163. niki Says:

    where is AL Emarat street in Dubai? there are hidden cameras there.

  164. ibrahim Says:

    dubai police very very good…….

  165. Shad Says:

    hw long does it takes to display fine notification online if of the same emirate????

  166. narayanasamy Says:

    i got message through mmy mobile traffic ticket issued on my vehile no how to find out what is the issue

  167. zafar Says:

    how can i cheke all the fines of all over the uae.

  168. Hamza Abbas Says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m working in a transport company since 2009. I saw 8 black points in my license when i check through online,I didn’t have any traffic fines since 2009, then how i got 8 points in my driving licence ?

  169. Arathi Says:

    How to pay the traffic fines other than online method?

  170. haja Says:

    how to pay online traffic fine in sharjah,,,,,plz inform me soon

  171. Munawar Paramal Says:

    Dear Sir .
    I Want to know my trafic fines Car No. 27207 E Dubai

  172. hazrat ali Says:

    hi.sir good morning ,my car have sum fine haw i pay with discountits posebale,

  173. hazrat ali Says:

    my car no. 36081

  174. Kokol Says:

    Niki, Daniel, George,
    I also got booked by a camera on Al Emarat Street. I think its the as Emirates Road E311? it must have been a mobile camera becasue I didn’t see any flashes.

  175. hossein Says:

    hw can i check the rta fines given to my car?

  176. lili Says:

    dear sir i just wanna knows my car fine,how to proceeds???????

  177. Abu Says:

    How can check RTA fine in RTA site

  178. Ali Says:

    If anyone need to check his/her traffic fines just visit this link::

    just mention your license number or plate number and got all fines if available.

  179. Vishal Says:

    Got fined 3 times with 2 black points each for turning wrong way on Sheikh khalifa street in Dubai in 3 months. First, do not know where sheikh khailfa street is in dubai? (know Sheikh zayed road – but khalifa street ?) second assuming it is sheikh zayed road – there is no turning at all so where is the question of “turning wrong way”. Tried to reach phone lines but nobody picks up! Does anybody know how to get the info from ?

  180. kashif jamal Says:

    assalam o alikum
    i recived a sms witch is (dear owner of the license no 425941.a trafic ticket was issued on 11-09-2012) but this is not my license no

  181. Moin KM Says:

    I have got a fine for my car AED 800, Ticket Violations Description is “Exceeding speed limit by 41 to 50 km/h”. And the location is mentioning as “Al Emarat St”. Where is this location/road. Please can somebody help me…

  182. noor Says:

    hii..i have one qustion?I have license but i get already 24 black point out of one year now but my license already pass one year..i have problem now can u explain to me..?

  183. Aamir Says:

    i want to check if any fine is there on my vehicle

  184. afghan Says:

    what is the fine for if i drive with expire driveing lincece.. i need to go somewhere tomorow and my driveing lincece is expired.. i had eyes test to aplay for new lincece but it will take somedays to renew my visa first.. so can u plz tell me what is the fine for if i drive with expire driveing lincece.. thank u plz reply me soon

  185. afghan Says:

    what is the fine for if i drive with expire driveing lincece.. i need to go somewhere tomorow and my driveing lincece is expired.. i had eyes test to aplay for new lincece but it will take somedays to renew my visa first.. so can u plz tell me what is the fine for if i drive with expire driveing lincece. and tell me what els gone be problume for me if i drive with expire driveing lincece. thank u plz reply me soon

  186. shaz Says:

    What happened is..
    When it was blinking green, I crossed the line, when it was orange I braked in the middle, and when I saw there was no one behind, I reversed!
    I understand what I should have done is I should have just driven ahead! But I’m a new driver and I freaked out!

    Will I get fined and given black points for it?!?! :(
    One of my friend’s said, the camera captures 20sec after the light turns red!.. Is it true???

    Please help me!

  187. Shajahan Says:

    My Dubai driving lisance expired in April 2012. Now i want to renew it. How much penality for late renewal

  188. Carrie Says:

    Hi, I have been browsing several websites regarding this issue I have and have not come up with a logical explanation hence I write my query here. I had sold my car in the month of June 2012 to a known person who at the time of transfer ran short of the transfer money for the insurance and registration work. He paid me 500 aed less therefore owing me that money. Somehow he now refuses to pay me saying there was a fine. My query is at the time of registration transfer the websites did not show any fine, the rta personnel also checked as per norm routine before transfer. Is it possible that months later there could be a fine turning up on the car?

  189. amjad Says:

    hi i want to check on one camera from 10/12/2012

  190. amjad Says:

    hi i want to check on one camera from 10/12/2012 mani buss with 85429 J white coler number plate

  191. majid Says:

    hi i want know how much cost of u turn fines.

  192. UMAIR Says:

    HI, i have been reading the previous posts on this website. what i found is everyone is asking questions but there is no specific answer to their questions..
    But if still anyone out there can just inform me , where to pay the fine for traffic signal violatoin? the violation was in ajman.. i know instead of impounding the car for 15 days, we can pay 100 dhms fine per day but where to pay this fine??

  193. noorahmedabbasi Says:

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  213. Sameera Says:


    Unfortunately, i have crossed the red light by mistake. it was actually happened unexpectedly the green light has been changed into Red without the yellow. and i havent see whether the cam has taken the vehicle picture or not. due to confusion still i cannot assure the fine caused or not for the same. i havent receive any Tickets and happned about 1 week ago.How can i find the Violation fine charged or not ? please suggest me !

  214. Munir Khan Says:

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  221. robin george Says:

    my name is robin i am from umm al quwain .and i am working in umm al quwain. i have a car in my ow name .i took full cover insurance then i went to renew my car .they told to me u have two fines dhs 800 .i asked them how it is .they told me u should pay this fines then u can renew your vechile. and it was correct .at that time and that day i was working in umm al quwain .i never went to dubai.and i went to the dubai police.and they told may be mistake happen.u should go to the court then file a case that to object the fines u have got it.and its is in case .and can renew my car. i already took full cover insurance.but my registration is finished ,still i am driving the car .is there any promblem .and the insurance will be expire after 15 days .my friends told me

  222. teews Says:

    i crossed the pedestrian lane yesterday and it turns green when i am in the middle of it..i have my emirates id with me,is it true that they can detect me because of my id??

  223. bramy radomsko Says:

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  224. Zaheer Says:

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    Driving in a way that is dangerous to public means what?
    I have got a huge fine of 1000 dhms + 30 days car impound + 12 black points..
    I am really shocked and cant able to understand that what a big mistake I have done ?
    I got fine yesterday and in sheikh zayed road..
    and I am 100% sure that I was driving very straight.. than too also how come I can get such huge fine and black points..

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    This can be really devastating to a child when teachers and schoolmates think he is different just because he is unable to read his books well or what is written on the board. Austin optometrist can cater to all your visual needs whether it is having a complete eye examination for you and your family or having treatment for an existing eye problem.

    The standard education is four years of college and four years of optometry school at an accredited Doctor of Optometry (OD) program. An additional one to two years of residency, internship, fellowship and specialty training is required for qualification in performing level one eye surgical procedures. Optometrists are eye doctors or Doctors of Optometry (OD) who treat eye diseases and disorders but specialize in optics and refractive vision correction.%

  228. Prabhath Says:


    I have received one message from RTA it says that i got fine AED 500 on 12 june 2015. I have checked with my plate number on RTA Site, the reason is showing “Stopping on the road for no reason”. I stopped my car on right side of the road less than a minute and just stepped out but hazzard lights were ON. I would request you to waive off my traffic fine.

    Please reply me..

  229. Elvis Colaco Says:


    I have been charged second time for jaywalking at Al Nahda. I had an dought what will be the fine imposed on me? When there is no pedestrian crossing on skywalk bridge how are people going to cross??? If we go to do officially zebra crossing it takes us more than 45 minutes to reach our building.
    If the Jaywalking is not allowed in Dubai why there is No Zebra Crossing at Al nahda Bus stop. how will people walk after getting down at that bus stop?
    It seems the Government of Dubai is closing eyes because the income of fine from Al- nahda is too high…..
    Help me to get the answer of how a man is going to cross after getting down at the bus stop which is at boarder of Sharjah and Dubai Al-nahda….

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