Aug 12

With Dubai’s increasing traffic, the Municipalities introduced a new TOLL system called SALIK. There are gates called SALIK gates in a few places, and when you pass underneath, it deducts the sum from your account. There is no Unlimited sticker like we have it in Hungary and probably in all other countries, but you pay each time you pass through the gate. The good thing is that you dont have to even slow down, the system will auto-deduct the sum from your ballance.

So how does it work exactly?

Once you get your car, you need to go to a Fuel station close to the TOLL area, and you will subscribe for SALIK services. You pay 100AED (25USD) and this includes the sticker for your windshield with the microchip and 50AED in credit. As soon as you apply the sticker you are good to go. See the above diagram for understanding what is SALIK and how it works.

For more info, read on……

This is what it looks like when passing under the SALIK gate with your car. Note the tag on the windshield….

If you pass under the salik gate with no sticker on your car, a picture will be taken by the gate itself, and you will end up paying a fat penalty.
When you register for the tag, the Gas Station will take all your information, and most importantly as always in Dubai, your mobile number. Ofter time you find yourself being only a mobile number in databases, and no name at all. Your mobile number is your identity here in Dubai.

Soon after registering, you will get an SMS with your account number and pin code. When you refill the SALIK account, you need to have your Account number and PIN code handy. With this you can also sign up online, and check your account ballance, and see where you passed through SALIK gates.

This is what the web interface looks like.

And these are the SMS messages I get from SALIK. There are messages that warn you for low account ballance, and there are messages you get confirming your ballance update if you pay online or at a Gas Station

One trip costs 4AED, rougly $1 USD. There are currently 2 gates in Dubai, but at the end of the month they will introduce 2 additional gates. So far the Sheikh Zayed road is the one that Dubai made TOLL-ed, but you never know what will happen in the future.

The effects of the SALIK are felt mostly by people who live in Sharjah (neighbouring Emirate) where rent is 1/3 of what we pay in Dubai, and they commute every day. From now on, each day they will go through at least 4 gates, but maybe some even 6, which adds up quickly. If you could 4 passes a day, that makes it $4/day and $80/month. This of course opens up another source of issues, for example people taking roads other than the TOLL road, making Dubai’s minor roads even more packed.



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