Jun 23

Boy in Nha Trang, Vietnam

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This picture while not great was done for the purpose of passing an assignment, Leading Lines. The line between the stones should grab your attention first then leading you to the boy. If this is what happens, I should pass…


May 21

Small riverside walk in Central Tokyo

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Walking around Kichijoji, I spotted this tiny walk that runs beside a canal in the neighborhood. Look at this picture I took, houses are built right by the stream.


May 28

Arrived safely to Dubai

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Just a quick post that we safely arrived to Dubai. I am unable to write much, as our life seems to have fallen apart by the overwhelming amount of things we need to take care of. So far, I thought there is no more bureaucratic country than Hungary, but with our luck, we managed to find one.

An example just to wet your appetite, I got my SIM card 6 days ago with the promise that “It will be active in 2 hours sir!!!”, and yet, I am still without a phone. Go figure, that is Dubai for you.

Having said that, we are still enjoying it a lot, and we appreciate all the things we are presented with in Dubai. The weather is a bit too hot, feels much like having a hair dryer blowing directly to your face constantly when you are on the street, but its still somewhat pleasant.

We just have found a place to live at, in the Greens, which is an area very close to my office, and we will move in next week, once we bought all the necessary furniture.

This is what the flat complex looks like where we have the rental place:

Its a relatively nice place with lot of Green areas, which is why its called the Greens. Momo, our dog will join us on the 10th of June, she is coming with a Lufthansa flight booked as cargo, which is what Dubai requires. So from the 11th of June, we are back to normal with all the crew onboard :)

What’s left still is buying cars, opening bank accounts, and discovering Dubai :) Stay tuned, there is more to come….

May 12


So you’ve heard the news already right? No surprise to you? Well, believe me it was hard enough to keep it confidential, but since it had to be kept, it was kept. So we are finally allowed to say it, we are moving to Dubai next week on Wednesday hopefully, depending on my successor’s training speed.

We were thinking about this move from Late December 2007, and it was only decided finally in April, 2008. Yuka and I are going there next week, and Momo, our dog will join us in mid June, by which we are hoping to have a rental flat readily available for Momo’s receipt.

I will post here more info as soon as I get them.


Mar 27

I am going to be an Unlce in June, first 4D pics of the baby here…

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Before you get scared of the picture posted below, its not some weird alien or a strange shot of the moon, its my Nephew in 4D. Yes, I am going to be an uncle pretty soon, and my sister just sent me the fresh 4D shots of the baby. She said it was an amazing experience seeing it live, they even have a video in 4D that shows the baby turn, yawn and even move his arms.

And click for more if you want to see another shot.

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Mar 18


Last thursday, on my visit to Bratislava, we went to a traditional restaurant a few kilometers away from Bratislava, once the work was done at the office. Read on for more, and here is a teaser picture for you:

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Mar 12

I earlier posted about the upcoming elections of March 9th of 2008, and I wanted to report on it as we are now passed it.

Quickly again, the elections were about Health Fees and Tuition. The outcome was that over 80% of the voters who actually went to vote rejected these fees, so the goverment is going to dismiss them as of the 1st of April.

I also went to vote, and this is how the bills looked like we needed to vote on. You see 3 bills as there were 3 matters to vote on.

Read on for more pictures

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Mar 12

Budapest Underground Moments

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If you have been to Budapest before, and you know the city well, it won’t hit you by suprise if I say we are flooded with homeless. Some people are angry at them (I am one of them), but the majority of the people just feel pity for them, and rather not do anything to fix the situation. People give them money, which attracts more of them to the streets and underground stations day by day.

Anyways, before I become labeled as someone socially irresponsible and radical, I just quickly share my surprise that struck me the other day I was walking through the Underground Station in Blaha Lujza square.

There were a couple of chairs put in a circle, just like it is in your living rooms, and there was even a carpet in the centre. I saw homeless sitting there drinking just like as if they were at home, enjoying with family and friends. Look at the picture, its really bizarre.

Read on for more details and another picture:

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Mar 10

Weekend cafe – cake and hot cocoa

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Last weekend Yuka and I decided to go to our favourite cake shop, which is just a few blocks away from where we live, in the 12th district of the Buda side, up on the mountain. Its called Auguszt and it is a very old cafe and cake shop that dates back a good 100 years. We had Hot Cocoa and a small piece of walnut cake. Look at the pictures for a teaser, and if you are ever in Budapest, I suggest you try it. The cafe is family run and they make only their own recipies of over a 100 years old, and of course some more modern ones.


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Mar 10

Dog Beer – Finally!!!

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This last time when Yuka and I went shopping for Momo-chan, we found something on the shelf that we didn’t want to believe ever existed. It is Dog Beer, and if you think I am joking, look at the pictures below. Now if you know me, you know I am crazy for beer, be it any kinds of beers, including Dog Beer of course. Since Yuka was there, I was unable to get through with buying any, but believe me, the next time she goes back to Japan, Momo-chan (our dog) will not see a single drop of water for the whole interval…..

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