Jun 20


Long time no updates, I am really sorry for that. Life has turned upside down since the recent move. It has been a month now, so we are in the calming stage already, and hopefully I will have more time to maintain the blog.

But just to give you an update, I have already started building my newest and first to Dubai project, a HTPC aka Home Theatre PC.

We purchased a Sharp Aquos 32″ LCD TV, which is small, but perfectly fits in size to our anyways small apartment. But since a TV by itself is just plain boring, I went looking for options. And of course added the fact that I am an Apple geek, I had to go down the proper, Apple road.

After having read extensive amount of articles about options, I have decided to go with a Mac Mini as the head unit, and it will be wired to the LCD TV via HDMI to DVI cable for best quality. I will have internet, emails, iTunes music and videos, and of course DVD and “other” video playback. This will become our entertainment centre, and to have the best control over all this, I purchased a Belkin MediaPilot keyboard, which is wireless, has a mouse built in with an intelligent Remote Controller on board. So one device will drive it all.

This was just a teaser, stand by for the outcome. I ordered via Amazon to a US address to eliminate the horrific UAE and in general non US Apple prices. There is a company called Aramex who provides a US shipping address, I ship everything there, and they forward it to the UAE, to our doorstep.

More later cheers, I am off picking up my wife from her lunch gathering…


Mar 31


So finally the day has come, the Macbook Air arrived to Hungary. My mother in law brought it over from Tokyo. So that the bag wouldn’t get scratched, I also ordered a Fabrix case from Singapore, which I earlier mentioned, and she was bringing the two together.

As I don’t have much time now, need to catch an early flight tomorrow, I just thought of tossing out a few pictures, for teasers.

Enjoy, a full review will come shortly,

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Mar 10

Sleeve case for Macbook Air – Blue Suit by Fabrixcases from Singapore

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So I had purchased the AirMail from Manillamac, but since that has not arrived yet, I needed another case for the shipping. The MacBook Air is being brought to Budapest by my Mother in Law from Tokyo, and since I want it protected, I need to send her a sleeve case she can place the precious MBA in.

I went on googling, and found a very nice and in-style sleeve called Blue Suit from Fabrixcases, a company based in Singapore. Since I want it sent to Japan, it actually makes sense to order from the Far East, and of course quality-wise the Far East is unbeatable. I wanted to order in Japan, but the lack of credit card acceptance put me off.

This is how it looks, more on this later once I have it in my hand.

Feb 28


Happy Ben reports the purchase of a MacBook Air as of yesterday 11PM CET :). I must say I am really excited, I was almost unable to fall asleep from thoughts in my head. Yes, before you say it, this is a definate sign of geekyness, and I am most definitely a geek.

Read on for details of the purchase, and proof :)

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Feb 27

MacBook sold – ready for the Air

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I sold my MacBook yesterday.

Was I not satisfied? I couldn’t say that. Did I not like the features? I loved them. Did I not like the Design? Jeez, who doesn’t like Apple’s design?

So the obvious questions comes to mind. Why on earth did you (I) sell the Macbook?

Well, to buy the even cooler, more superb, outstandingly stylish MacBook Air. Granted, its a controversial product when it comes to its price/feature ratio, but like I explained earlier:

I am seriously thinking about getting the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air just fits the bill for me, and with the sale of the MacBook, I am one step closer to buying it. I have the money saved up already, and I am now only debating where to get it from. Hungary, and the EU in general is out of the question. US would be best, Canada/Hong Kong are on the 2nd place pricewise, and Japan, which is realistic in my case comes in at 3rd place in the price game. Its somewhere between the US / EU price, but still a bit closer to the US price.

As for memories, this is/was my belowed MacBook:


Feb 16

Manila Folder type Sleeve for MacBook Air – Purchased

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Before you say it, yes, you are right. I don’t even have the MacBook Air yet, but I already got an accessory for it. What can I say, I am a dumbass. However, it makes time go by quicker while waiting for the MacBook Air, plus this will allow me from day one to protect it properly.

This is what it looks like:

I purchased it from here: cost was $29 for the sleeve and $20 for shipping to Hungary, takes 3 days it says

Click their logo to visit their site:


p.s. Please tell me why this thing is called a “Manila folder” ?

Feb 16

I am seriously thinking about getting the MacBook Air

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Since I first got my hands on the MacBook back in October, I never thought about going back to PC (Windows) again, but still somehow I wasn’t 100% satisfied. The cause of the dissatisfaction was that I needed to keep my 2nd-ary laptop, a Panasonic Let’s Note CF-2, which is my commuting machine. The MacBook is not too big, but hell it is heavy. I would never take this every day with me to work, on a 20 minutes tram ride which is followed by a 10 minutes Metro ride, all while being pushed about by people during morning rush, and then at the end of the day the same goes towards home. I need a light and small machine with me which I don’t feel I am carrying. Anyhow, in my current situation, I am left with minimal Mac OS X usage, and still more Microsoft hassle, as my commuting laptop is Windows based. Plus the fact that I have 2 laptops for no good reason. This brings us to my intention, which you already know from the title, I am considering the new MacBook Air. Now, before you turn away, and call me a fool, please read on for my reasoning, and then comment your thoughts at the end…..

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Feb 06

Having returned from our recent Far-East journey we came back with two brand spanking new Apple products. One 13″ White MacBook for myself, and a shiny new Aluminium iMac 20″ for Yuka.

These things are really outstanding, and we have completely moved over and migrated to Apple Gear. Since than (October 2007) I am only focusing on buying things with a ridiculously snobbish Apple logo on it.¬†Anyways, long story short, we have now an overstock of Laptops and Desktops at home. This list doesn’t include my work Dell laptop, and the 3 servers I have at home. I will repost later with more pics, this post is actually mainly to test the new blog software, and also to show off these ridiculous pictures.¬†



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