Apr 11

Istanbul Eminönü – Mosque calls prayer time

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Having just returned from Istanbul a few days ago, I thought I would share this typical Turkish moment with you. I was standing on this large square in Eminonu, and all of a sudden the Mosque started to call out to the people for praying time. It was an amazing experience, watch the Youtube video. More on Istanbul in the coming days…

Mar 26

Winter Flashback – Short trip to Austria

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I drove my colleague to the airport in Vienna this Tuesday, and had a real winter experience despite that we are already in Spring. It was the 25th of March, flowers trees are in full bloom, and a winter storm hit us.

The weather was already strange for the last week or so, with temperatures close to 0 at nights, and much rain throughout the days. On the way to Vienna, we had seen some clowds, but they were not threatening. A good 20KMs after the boarder crossing, it started snowing, a few flakes here and there. However, in a matter of 10 minutes, just as we arrived to the Airport, the snow started coming down really hard, as you would expect in the mountains on a nice snowy January day. I stayed at the Airport for an hour or so, and the snow was piling up quickly. I felt like I was in some winter wonderland.

And to put the crown on the story, my colleague was travelling to Dubai, to 35C tempratures.

I have some pictures, they are unfortunately not so good as I took them with the iPhone. These were taken at the beginning of the storm, and when I came out of the airport, I just quickly jumped in the car and drove away, as the snow kept on going strong and I wanted to arrive home safe and sound.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real visit to Vienna without eating something Austrian, so we ordered at a local (to the airport I mean) restaurant some Wiener Schnitzels, a typical Austrian Pork or Beef dish with some pretzels. Picture attached below. Enjoy.

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